the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


we haven't really sewed anything for ourselves at school this year. my practical training starts next week and i had to work late at school so i would finish this one in time! i know i will not get the best grades because parts of this are, well, made half-assed and in hurry. BUT the fit is nice and it looks good.

front view

sooo that's pretty much it. i printed out the patterns from computer, and then modified them by hand, made a mock-up to see how it fits. i had to alter the sleeve's pattern a bit but othervice it was looking nice. 

there was a huge accident with this one but luckily i was able to save it. 
it nearly killed the whole jacket. but, luckily i was able to make it better.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Alice progress!

i have been thinking about making this kind of post, a bit of my artistic process. i was painting my Alice, what have you done? picture, and took a couple of photos while finishing it. i have conflicting thoughts of this painting, first i hated it but it seems that people do like it (!!!) so maybe it's not that bad. but let's start...

this is how i begin with most of my pictures. i carry a sketch book with me all the time so i can sketch pictures when i want to. i have had this idea for god knows how long, but i just haven't been able to draw it for good. i started by sketching on my bigger sketch book, and then used tracing paper to trace this picture onto light pastel green paper.

then i start to colour. i usually start with the head because i feel the facial expression is important and i want to focus on the face. i used watercolour pencils here.

just a close up of the face. using coloured paper is always a bit mystery, how the colours work. this time it worked nice, there's a little pale tone on her face.

a little progress. all the areas are coloured with watercolour pencils, and now it's time to start with the paints. i am so lazy i'm going to paint her torso, instead of using my coloured pencils. 

i hate how badly my digital camera works with colours. this is really bright in person. i wasn't really pleased with the paint job and my stupid camera (i don't own scanner, i always take photos of my art and try to work with Photoshop to get them look even a bit like the original). SO i opened Photoshop and started to mess around with it. first i adjusted the colours to be brighter like in the original picture, and then i started to deepen all the shadows and colour balance and contrast and painted the bottom of the picture black.

and here is the final product! as you can see it looks a lot different from the first sketch. i usually don't edit my pictures this much with Photoshop, but sometimes i like to play a little. 


heaven restores you in life

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mulperiperhonen - Silkmoth

Alice...what have you done?

Let me think (and you think about what)
About girls (and what else)
And money and new clothes (and what do I get)
Thirty nights (uh huh)
Of violence (yeah)
And sugar to love