the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The all-seeing eye leggings

so i've been having a week off school, it's winter holiday time in Finland. i got too bored though and decided i could try out this one thing. everybody knows the Actual Pain baphomet leggings that many people have. i wanted a pair of cool leggings as well but thought the baphomet logo was too plain, and not to mention, those leggings are damn expensive. so i went to a store, bought normal black leggings and decided to print them myself.

i have always been interested in the all-seeing eye, the symbol of eye inside a triangle. i was reading a bit about the symbol, and i decided i want to use this symbol in my "occult pants". i put the eye upside down and added a upside down cross to it. now everyone can decide themselves, is this totally ridiculous or not. in my opinion the picture looks good and that's it. i'm not a spiritual person at all. i wear things i like and that's it....

making the stencil for this print was a pain. it was really hard and took a long time. but i ended up with a nice stencil after all, so i was able to start printing. i used a ready made screen that was way too loose, so it was a bit difficult to work with. but i ended up with nice prints, and i'm happy with my work.

i hope i'll get better pictures some day. the print is placed higher on the leg than what it looks in this picture, i was in a hurry and wasn't wearing the leggings as they should be (i have no idea how to wear leggings wrong... :DDD )

SO YEAH that's it. i'm calling my leggings ACTUALLY VAIN leggings just because.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


hello everyone. i feel like a lazy person because i have been lazy with updating this blog. all i have done has been updating art, posting a picture and that's it. i don't like to comment my art that much, i want the viewer to make up their own minds. but maybe i could explain my thoughts and feelings towards my art more? what do you think?

news is that i'm soon starting my first practical training at school. i'm very exited and nervous. it's going to be loads of fun but also hurry and stressful stuff. but maybe i'll manage.

also i *hope hope hope* i will be able to publish my first art book some time this year!
there's a lot of work with that also, but i have been wanting to publish a book for forever.

all by all, life is ok. i'm working on a jacket now at school so soon you'll be able to see photos of what i've done. i have just finished my patterns, now i must make a mock-up to see the fit and then i'm ready to make the actual product :)

Friday, February 21, 2014


It's funny the way stuff finally hits you.
Take love, for example...
All that love that led me to Eloise...
is the same love that led me to kill my best friend.
Exact same love, different results.

Tom Tom in the movie Million Dollar Hotel

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Press my thumb onto your tongue
hand a knife up to me
no mouth no neck no rest
even though you know a chance to cut
is still a chance to cure
pull your legs apart
save me save me
your body doomed as the last apple on the tree
so let me hurt you